Brazil kite trip

Brazil kite trip

Do you want to make a trip on 2020?! Don’t think abut it more and join our trip in collaboration with the guys of weWind to Brazil!!

kite trip brazil


Escape with us to the best spots in Brazil for a unique kiteboarding adventure!

Your destination is about 2 hours south of Fortaleza. Expect steady 15-20 knots everyday, warm water and a lot of sun.

During 13 days, We’ll guide you to 4 amazing spots in the Parajuru area, making sure you get the most of your holiday. Be ready for flat lagoons, downwinders and secret spots.

Who is it for ?

Our Brazil expedition is designed for kiters who:

  • want to take their riding skills higher want to benefit from our experience and knowledge as travelers and kitesurfers
  • want to make sure they get the best of their vacation
  • want to live authentic and unique experience, off the beaten track
  • want to discover and experience the local life without compromising comfort and safety
  • want to connect with other like minded fellow kitesurfers
  • are already independent kitesurfers

Contact the Cadiz Kite team now for bookings!!!

kite trip brazil


Kitesurf on Coronavirus time

Kitesurf on Coronavirus time


How will we get back to our normal lifes? That’s the question everybody is asking now, and kiters too!! At the moment it looks like individual sports are very likely to be allowed, and guess what!? Kitesurf is an individual sport!! Sooner than we can ll imagine we will be pumping our kite in Valdelagrana beach. It looks like we will have to maintain a minimum distance with other kiters to avoid transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In the water it seems obvious, but in land we will have to leave the pre and post session chats for other moments. So just say hi to your friends on the beach from the distance, and make comments on whatsapp once you are back home!! 🙂Kitesurf on Coronavirus time

For all of you willing to learn this amazing sport, we are still not allowed to teach, but we really hope that very soon we will have a special permission from the authorities! It is very likely that we will have to wear special protection like masks and gloves (image recreation), and probably all our lessons will be private.

We are already taking reservation starting June 1st, and our cancellation policy is more flexible since goubernament measures are still unclear: Book!


Amazing wind season in Cadiz Kite

Amazing wind season in Cadiz Kite

The season has come to an end and we want to thank all our great students for choosing us to learn this amazing sport.

This year has been an amazing wind season in Cadiz Kite with just a couple of days with no wind. Levante wind has been present very rarely while Poniente has been the predominant wind as usual.

We also want to thank the fabulous team of instructors that make Cadiz Kite the awesome shcool it is, without them it would not be possible, Gracias: Carlos, Alex Sebas Y Fernando!!!

Amazing wind season in Cadiz Kite

Form now you can already book your lessons for 2020: here.

We will be welcoming you next season with some new important news and improvements such as: Hydrofoil, lessons with intercomunicador (bbtalkin) and the best gear form Liquid Force!

We will be teaching as usual at Valdelagrana beach in El Puerto de Santa Maria. With the best conditions: flat shallow water and consistent wind.

We are really close form: Jerez, Rota, Sanlucar, Chipiona, Conil and Cadiz

See you on 2020!!




BB-talkin is here!!

BB-talkin is here!!

We have available the BB-talkin for all our kitesurfing lessons! With this device we will be connected at all times with our students thanks to a waterproof radio system.

BB-talkin is specially recommended for advanced kite lessons, since the instructor will be able to tell the student what to do even when they are far from each other.BB-talkin

We have the best kite spot of all Cadiz province, and now with BB-talkin learning how to kite is even easier! Our beach has flat and shallow water, the wind blows nice an consistent everyday thanks to the thermal wind.

If you are not in El Puerto de Santa Maria, but around the province , we are super close: 20 min from Rota, 25 min from chipiona and Sanlúcar, 15 min from Jerez or 30 min from Conil and Chiclana.

This summer you have to try kitesurfing!!

Book your course and for a small extra fee add the use of BB-talkin.


A Day with Cadiz Kite

3 days to to learn this exciting sport from zero to hero!!

A day with Cadiz kite:

Our Lessons always start at 16h at the beautiful beach Valdelagrana. We are situated right next to the breakwater in front of the old Bar Tadeo. This is the area reserved for kite surfing and other water sports. Our lessons are normally 3h long.

1st lesson: We normally start the lesson with a bit of wind theory, kite set up, and last but not least: Security procedures. Later on we will launch our kite and start flying it on the safe areas. To finish the lesson we will learn how to pack our kite.

2nd lesson: We will set up the gear on our own and will do a quick reminder of the first day. Right after this we will go into the Ocean and will learn how to do the body-drags. We will also learn how to relaunch our kite from the water. Once we have a good kite control we will explore the power zone by doing some eights. If everything goes fast we might have a chance to try the board.

3rd lesson: We will learn the technique to put on our board. Later on we will do some steady pool exercise and of course our first water start!!!

This is our day to day at our kite school in El Puerto de Santa Maria!! Sig unp now!!

A day with Cadiz Kite
A day with Cadiz kite
Kitesurf Rota, Conil, Chipiona, Sanlucar y Jerez

Kitesurf: Rota, Conil, Chipiona, Sanlucar and Jerez

Kitesurf: Rota, Conil, Chipiona, Sanlucar and Jerez

Valdelagrana beach in El Puerto de Santa Maria is the safest beach to learn kitesurf in all Cadiz Province. On top of that it is just 20 min drive from Rota, Conil, Chipiona, Sanlucar and Jerez.

Kitesurf: Rota, Conil, Chipiona, Sanlucar and Jerez

Valdelagrana has a specific zone on the beach that can ONLY be used by kitesurfers. This together with Tarifa makes Valdelagrana the only beach in Cadiz where kitesurfing is allowed on the summer season.

Additionally, Valdelagrana beach has constant gentle wind almost everyday. This together with a pier that blocks all the swell, makes the perfect environment to learn how to kitesurf,  with flat shallow water.

All our kitesurf instructors are certified by the spanish sailing federation (only certification valid in Spain). And they do have international experience that’s why they are IKO certified (international kiteboarding Organization).

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us!!!

Kitesurf school in Costa Rica

Kitesurf school in Costa Rica

The summer is ending Valdelagrana and we are about to reopen our Kitesurf school in Costa Rica!!, Costa Kite. If you are willing to keep practicing this amazing sport but you wanna enjoy warm weather, come and visit us in our wetsuit free paradise!

We are located at the north pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is a beautiful windy bay called Bahia Salinas just 20min drive form Nicaragua border. The closest airport is Liberia airport, just 1h drive from our spot.

Kitesurf school in Costa Rica

Bahia Salinas is considered one of the windiest spots in America. If you come you do not have to worry about the weather, is windy almost EVERYDAY!! The windy season starts in November and finishes late April.

At our kite school in Costa Rica, we offer kite lessons and rentals and also SUP.  We also offer accommodation with swimming pool and the best vibes!!. At COsta Kite you will enjoy great wind for kiting and beautiful nature.

Kitesurf school in Costa Rica sunset


If you want to come to visit a new country and do your favourite sport just contact us on email ( or phone/whatssapp (+506 8907 9889)

You can find more info on our web:

We hope to see you in Costa Rica!!




The newly water sports area authorized by El puerto de Santa Maria city hall is for the use of all sport lovers. From Cadiz kite we really want to promote the correct use of this zone by remembering some rules kitesurf zone in valdelagrana so that everyone can enjoy it in a safe way. Some tips we should follow:

  • Despite being an area reserved for the water sport practice, we will find form time to time some swimmers. If you find someone in your way, please be respectful, try to avoid them and ride far from them. This will avoid posible accidents.
  • If you see someone on the learning stage, stay far from it. Since the person is learning the movements are unpredictable so better to give him some space.
  • Try not to ride close to the beach.
  • Most of the people practicing water sports (kayak, SUP, windsurf) will have less maneuverability than a kiters, please give them the way.
  • Please do not enter the swimmers area.

For the kiters there are some rules used world wide called right of way that must be respected:

  • The golden rule: when two kiters are riding against each other, the rider downwind must put the kite down while the kiter upwind must put it up.RULES KITESURF ZONE IN VALDELAGRANA
  • If ther eis a kiter on the beach willing to enter let him come in, do not get close to him.
  • If you are going to jump, make sure you have enough space downwind.
  • Students and beginners have priority. Their skills are limited so please give them space and stay away form them.


Kitesurfing is a safe sport nowadays but if you don’t learn the right way it can be dangerous. We strongly recommend you to take lessons from authorized schools otherwise in case of accident you will not be cover by ani insurance. For more information about our school visit our web.

Our School is authorized by the  el Puerto de Santa Maria. We also have the best gear that meet all safety standards and our instructors have years of experience and are certificated by IKO and FAV.


Kitesurf lessons discount

Kitesurf El Puerto de Santa Maria

Kitesurf in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain)

Kitesurf in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain)

And finally the new kitesurfing zone in El Puerto de Santa Maria is opened. Kitesurf in El Puerto de Santa Maria is posible now right next to the pier. There is a bit more than 200m available only for water sports use. No swimmers are allowed in this area!. Since it is next to the pier there are no waves which makes it an awesome spot for beginners and advanced kiters looking for flat water. There is shallow water up to 100m which is great for beginners. This is the best spot to learn kitesurfing in Cadiz, nice consistent winds, flat and shallow water and uncrowded.

Kitesurf in El Puerto de Santa Maria


If you want to book a lesson with us contact us here.

CadizKite is your kite school!! More than three years experience with CostaKite. Now we are opening our new kitesurf school in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain). We teach with the best LuidForce gear.