Cádiz Kite offers daily Pilates and Yoga lessons in Valdelagrana. The combination of this two disciplines (kitesurf and pilates) are great to strengthen the core. Developing this area will help our body to make safer movements, avoid injuries and of course: relax our muscles after a great day kiting at the beach!!

Additionally, the combination of classic Pilates floor exercises with the relaxation techniques of Yoga has created the Pilates&Yoga. The fusion of both disciplines results in more complete, dynamic and challenging classes.


They are classes focused on participants of all ages since it allows us to train without risk as it is an activity without impact. Classes are held in small groups and adapted to the physical conditions of its participants.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Pilates and Yoga fusion classes.


* All prices are per person and in euros (€).

** The price includes all the necessary material.

*** Classes last approximately 75 minutes.