A Day with Cadiz Kite

3 days to to learn this exciting sport from zero to hero!!

A day with Cadiz kite:

Our Lessons always start at 16h at the beautiful beach Valdelagrana. We are situated right next to the breakwater in front of the old Bar Tadeo. This is the area reserved for kite surfing and other water sports. Our lessons are normally 3h long.

1st lesson: We normally start the lesson with a bit of wind theory, kite set up, and last but not least: Security procedures. Later on we will launch our kite and start flying it on the safe areas. To finish the lesson we will learn how to pack our kite.

2nd lesson: We will set up the gear on our own and will do a quick reminder of the first day. Right after this we will go into the Ocean and will learn how to do the body-drags. We will also learn how to relaunch our kite from the water. Once we have a good kite control we will explore the power zone by doing some eights. If everything goes fast we might have a chance to try the board.

3rd lesson: We will learn the technique to put on our board. Later on we will do some steady pool exercise and of course our first water start!!!

This is our day to day at our kite school in El Puerto de Santa Maria!! Sig unp now!! https://cadizkite.com/en/booking/

A day with Cadiz Kite
A day with Cadiz kite
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